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Welcome to Binarybitt, a site which is dedicated to how to's & technology related fun stuff. You'll get to read and view some insanely creative, original and techy content from our website. We, at Binarybitt believe that just being techy is not enough. We have to implement our knowledge for good reasons in order to create a better world for everyone.


Binarybitt was founded back in 2017 by Tejas Mayekar and is being managed by the same person. We focus on technology as well creativity so that our content keeps the user engaged and they never get bored to read our articles. We also include some pictures, videos, GIFs in order to spice up the article and make it as interesting as possible.

We always focus on what is important and how can we improve. We are also looking forward to collab with other websites in order to provide much more information about latest trends and tech news.

We aim to fuse creativity with technology so that being techy won't be just limited to geeks and nerds. Technology is for everyone and is very much interesting. Help us to spread our message to the world. Every bit helps. That's why, we say, "Every bitt is important."
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