Unleash Your Creativity Using Google's AutoDraw

Everyone likes to draw doodles and I have to say some people are really good at it because they practice it when some lecture is going on. Anyways, Google released an AI-based online tool know as AutoDraw. It's a free tool with which you can doodle online. Literally, anyone with zero drawing skills can draw using this tool.


When you visit the webpage just hit on Start Drawing and you can start doodling. As you draw, some professional and creative doodles will automatically show up based on what shape you have drawn. It works on Artificial Intelligence and it works pretty neatly. You can also add different shapes, text to your doodle. Oh, and you can color them easily with Fill Colours. I also tried my drawing skills and well... I think I did great. Here's what I drew. (I know the color combination sucks).
It's a great tool to pass your time and chilling while your math lecturer is integrating trigonometric functions. Tweet your doodles to us at @Binary_BIT. We will feature most creative ones on our Facebook page.

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Unleash Your Creativity Using Google's AutoDraw Unleash Your Creativity Using Google's AutoDraw Reviewed by Tejas Mayekar on 4/13/2017 03:24:00 pm Rating: 5

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