How to Watch Movies with Friends Online? (And much more)

"Wanna hang out today?"
"That's not funny! You live a thousand miles away, girl!"
"We don't have to be together to watch Youtube videos or even listen to the same song simultaneously."
"Wh-What are you talking about?"

Oh well, that's right. It's now possible to watch movies (and chat at the same time), listen to the songs simultaneously with an app called DabKick. The most amazing part is that its free! In this post, I'm going to elaborate how you can do all of this cool stuff on your Android or iOS device. 

Requirements :

1. An Android (version 4.1 or above) or an iOS device.

2. A friend (duh). 

Procedure :

1. Grab DabKick from Google Play or App Store and install it.

2. Launch the app, register for a free account and set up your profile.

3. You're almost done! Now you just need to add your friends. Go to friends tab and tap on add.

4. Type in the username of your friend and send a request. After getting your friend request accepted, you can start dabbing

5. Tap on your friend's profile and hit dab to interact live. You can also send a message if you don't want to wait. Here's a video showing a live demo on Android -

6. Your friend will get a pop-up/notification that (your name) wants to dab with you live. After your friend hits OK, you guys are ready to rock and roll.

7. Here, you'll see four tabs - chat, music, videos, and photos. Choose any one of them and start dabbing.

8. To end a session, just tap on that cross (X) mark on right-hand corner. Oh, don't do it by mistake just like Androshti did. It hurts, seriously.

This application lets you chat while watching a YouTube video, listening to the music or while viewing photos. It also has different facial expressions like smile, wink.etc. You can also form a group of your friends on DabKick and have a blast with them. 

However, you'll notice that while listening to music together there's some time lag. What I mean to say is if you start playing a song then it would start playing the same on your friend's phone after 3-4 seconds (depending on the Internet speed). Oh, and your profile is visible to nearby people so just keep an eye out for creepers and don't accept their requests.

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