How To Boost Gaming Performance On Windows 7/8/8.1?

"Oh, he's coming close! Shoot him, dude!"
"Yeah, I got him! Just wait a sec."
"Why aren't you shooting him?!"
"My damn computer has stopped responding!"

Ever encountered chats like this while playing multiplayer games? No big deal. Computers cannot run beyond their abilities but we can stretch out their performance by using some simple tricks. Here are some of my favorite tricks to get maximum performance from your computer while playing games.

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1. Optimize Screen Resolution

Your gaming experience can be enhanced by this little trick. Before starting any game, just head over to the desktop, right click and go to 'Screen Resolution'. From there, just click on the resolution and drag the resolution size all the way to the down. (i.e, low). After that, you can start your game. You'll definitely experience a positive change.

2. Clean Up RAM

Just like Android, many unwanted processes like 'Blah blah Update utility', Media players keep running in the background. They consume a lot of RAM which can badly affect your PC performance while gaming. To free up some RAM, call Disaster Master (Oh c'mon guys! I'm talking about the Task Manager) by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Click on the 'Processes' tab. Here you'll able to see all of the processes that are running in the background. Now, you just have to kill unwanted processes by single clicking on them and by hitting 'End Task'. BOOM! Your computer is ready to rock!

Caution: Do NOT kill System processes. It can result in sudden reboot and data loss.

3. Disable System Animations 

This trick is similar to the 1st one. To disable animations, go to the desktop, right click and select 'Personalization'. A window will pop up which lets you personalize your computer (By changing themes and stuff). To get more performance while gaming, just activates one of the 'High Contrast' themes. It'll disable system animation and thus your PC becomes more responsive.

4. Try Overclocking your CPU

Overclocking your CPU can boost your PC performance like a magic. "Overclocking" basically means forcing a CPU to run faster beyond its capacity. Yep, you are going to turn into a computer bully (Just kidding). You can Google for the procedure because the process of overclocking varies for different processors. 

Please keep in mind that, It can be harmful to your CPU and RAM. Overclocking can also result in dead RAMs and processors.

5. Use Razer Cortex

This software can boost up your gaming performance effectively. Just download, install and run the software to get maximum performance from your PC. It actually automates the process of closing unwanted processes (Tip 2).

This software is available for FREE on their official website. Get ready to be amazed!

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