5 Terrible Hacking Incidents in The History of The Internet

The first website was launched on 6th August 1991. After that tons of websites were published on the World Wide Web. Don't get surprised but, on an average 30,000 websites get hacked every single day! Top websites like LinkedIn, Google were hacked as well. So, here I've listed 5 terrible hacking incidents in the History of the Internet. 

1. Google (Malaysian Site)

World's leading search engine was hacked by a hacker nicknamed Tiger-Mate. When Malaysian people tried to visit the homepage of Google, it redirected them to another page where the following message was shown - "Google Malaysia Hacked By Tiger-Mate #Bangladeshi Hacker." However, according to the officials, no data was stolen from the website's database. After a short period of time, the website started running without any problem.

2. LinkedIn 

One of the famous social networking websites was hijacked on 5th June 2012 by some Russian cybercriminals. Nearly 6.5 million account's password was stolen by these hackers. The passwords were posted in 'plain text' on Russian forums. LinkedIn users were not able to access their hacked account. Later, the users received an email with instructions related to resetting their password and getting their account back in possession.

3. eBay

The e-commerce site was brought down by hackers in 2014. The hackers compromised encrypted passwords and non-financial data. The data included personal information like customer's name, physical address, encrypted password, email address, phone number and date of birth. After that, eBay requested all of their users to change their passwords.

4. Adobe

In October 2013, approximately 153 million Adobe accounts were hacked. The password cryptography was very poor thus, it was a damn easy for hackers to crack those passwords. The compromised data include - email addresses, username, passwords and password hints. It is one of the biggest hacks in the history.

5. Domino's

In June 2014, Domino's Pizza website of Belgium and France was hacked by a group named "Rex Mundi." The hackers stole customers data and demanded money in exchange. Of course, Dominos refused to give any amount of money. 6 months later, the hackers released the data. It included - email ID's, passwords, home addresses and phone numbers.

Reference: Wikipedia, eBay Offical blog, newspapers, haveIbeenpwned.com etc.

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